TOP Extreme

v dolini reke Soče od 1993

Top d.o.o. Nova Gorica

Vojkova 9

5250 Solkan

Top Extreme sport center

Žaga 151

5224 Srpenica pri Bovcu

+386 41 620636

+386 31 620636

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The adrenaline valley will calm your spirit and free your mind !


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  • 2015-02-03Start of season 2015 !

    If the weather will be Ok, we will start with our activities in Bovec from 16. March. Only with Bungee jumping we will start later in first weekend in May.

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Bovec & Soča = wonderful experience.
Soča – rafting – canyoning – picnic - ...
Active holidays in unspoiled nature.

topbungee jumping

It's a real challenge for those, who like adrenaline and facing the fear! A jump with an elastic rope, "bungee jumping", is a sports activity enrapturing more and more people all over the world. It's a jump into a dreamworld.