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v dolini reke Soče od 1993

Top d.o.o. Nova Gorica

Vojkova 9

5250 Solkan

Top Extreme sport center

Žaga 151

5224 Srpenica pri Bovcu

+386 41 620636

+386 31 620636

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Have fun on the most beautiful river in Europe !

The experience you will never forget !




Swimming in the crystal-clear pools, overcoming of smaller and larger waterfalls, sliding along the toboggans, descending into the canyons-that`s all canyonig. Natural sculptures created through millenniums.

At the moment we organize canyoning in cooperation with other companies.



  • 2014-04-10Great conditions for RAFTING !

    At the moment are great conditions for rafting trips on Soča River. Reservation is obligatory. We start with bungee last weekend in April or first weekend in May.

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Bovec & Soča = wonderful experience.
Soča – rafting – canyoning – picnic - ...
Active holidays in unspoiled nature.


Row the lively rapids of Soča!
Get to know the magic of kayaking and overcome the traps of the rough Soča River.
Go kayaking along the emerald mountain river!