Top Rafting Centre is an ideal starting point for many easy to medium mountain biking trips!

If you prefer to bike on macadam or asphalt roads and cart trails with little elevation, next to the Soča river and at the base of mountainsides; if you feel most comfortable with mild climbs and easy descents, you will find numerous picturesque trails in the vicinity of our Centre, which will take you past many sights in the Soča Valley.

We offer 6 new high-quality XC (cross country) bikes to rent in all sizes: 1 XL bike, 2 L, 2 M and 1 S bikes available. Also available to rent is all other equipment necessary for safe cycling.

We are also experienced mountain bikers on more advanced terrains and will be happy to give you sound advice for your own trips with longer climbs and varied descents (enduro) you can take in the vicinity of our Centre!


We check the state of the bikes prior to lending them. We will keep your personal ID document in our office as a guarantee for the safe return of the bike or to ensure you will pay for the repairs or replacement of damaged or lost bikes.

You can rent a bike for a period of either 4 or 8 hours.

  • Prices:
    Up to 4 hours - 25 EUR (per person)
    Up to 8 hours - 30 EUR (per person)
  • Price includes: XC bike, MTB helmet, spare tyre, bicycle pump and bike lock


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