The best trips in the Soča Valley - TOP 10

The most beautiful things often cannot be put into words. The Soča Valley fits into this category and is considered by many to be the most beautiful part of Slovenia. The emerald green river Soča is one of the most beautiful European rivers. With its white pebble beaches shimmering in the predominantly green landscape it gives the Valley its signature character. Here are some ideas for short trips you can take after our sports activities:

  1. The Boka Waterfall: the most stunning waterfall in Slovenia measuring over 100 metres in height and nearly 20 metres in width. Its flow rate is highest in the spring, when it is fuelled by the melting snow from the mountains, and after heavy rain.
    Distance from TOP Sports Centre: 500 m
  2. Kanin Ski Centre: the highest ski centre in Slovenia with the best views of the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. The gondola lift takes you from Bovec to the altitude of 2200 metres. Kanin is also an excellent starting point for summer hiking trips in the mountains. It is connected to the Sella Nevea Ski Centre on the Italian side of the border.
    Distance from TOP Sports Centre: 7 km
  3. Ravelnik: an open-air museum located where the Austro-Hungarian army’s first line of defence in the Bovec area was positioned. A circular path connects cleaned and restored military trenches, bunkers, machine gun nests, and reconstructed barracks.
    Distance from TOP Sports Centre: 8 km
  4. The Kluže Fort: a mighty fort located on the edge of a rocky ravine above the river Koritnica and between the steep slopes of Rombon, Sleme, and the Koritnica Gorge. The Fort’s modern-day appearance dates back to the 19th century. In the 20th century it played an important role on the Isonzo Front during World War I.
    Distance from TOP Sports Centre: 11 km
  5. The Kobarid Museum: one of the best and most interesting museums in Slovenia transports you into the history of World War I with its rich collection. In 1993 it received the Council of Europe Museum Prize.
    Distance from TOP Sports Centre: 15 km
  6. The Kozjak Waterfall: one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Slovenia. A scenic path next to the river Soča will lead you to the waterfall past the remnants of the front lines from World War I. The 15-metre waterfall is located within a rocky amphitheatre and forms an emerald green pool at the bottom.
    Distance from TOP Sports Centre: 18 km
  7. The Great in the Small Soča Gorge: one of the greatest natural gems in the Soča Valley. The Great Soča Gorge is 750 metres long and 10 to 15 metres deep, offering dizzying views. The Small Soča Gorge is approximately 100 metres long and up to 6 metres deep. At its narrowest point it is merely 1 metre wide.
    Distance from TOP Sports Centre: 20 km
  8. The Trenta Lodge: houses the Triglav National Park Information Centre and an ethnological museum. Visitors can learn about the cultural and natural landscapes of Trenta. Do not miss the video installation on the underwater world of the river Soča in all four seasons.
    Distance from TOP Sports Centre: 27 km
  9. The source of the river Soča: one of the most stunning karst springs in the Julian Alps accumulating water from Jalovec, Šite, Travnik, and Mojstrovka. The path to the spring is safe and well-maintained. At the spring begins the picturesque Soča Trail, which terminates in Bovec.
    Distance from TOP Sports Centre: 32 km
  10. The Mangart Road: this scenic winding road is the highest in Slovenia, taking you 2055 metres above sea level to the Mangart Saddle just underneath Mangart’s dome-shaped peak. Mangart is the fifth highest mountain in the Julian Alps. The road is also very popular with cyclists.
    Distance from TOP Sports Centre: 33 km


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