Nothing feels better after an active day outdoors than - food :)

If after rafting, canyoning, or any other activity you wish to continue spending the day outdoors, you don’t have to go far (if you are already our guest): in our TOP Centre you can make use of a pleasant picnic area. The use of the picnic area, located in the shade of the trees by a stream, is free for everyone who attended one of our outdoor activities!

What is on offer? A gas grill and all the necessary utensils. A fridge for storing meat (hint: use the cold stream to effectively cool your drinks :)). Electricity for lighting up the picnic area in the evenings. A nearby source of fresh drinking water. An open fireplace to light up in the evenings. A pleasant “chill-out” area with hammocks. A free parking area where you will always find a vacant space for your vehicle.

Picnic place and fireplace

The picnic area is ideal to feed 10 to 15 hungry mouths. We kindly ask our guests to clean up the picnic area after use and leave it in the same condition you found it. We will take care for emptying the bins. .

If you wish to rent the picnic area, prior reservation is required.

You are free to prepare your own meals; however, you can also let us pamper you. We offer three exquisite picnic menus (or a combination of the three, if you so choose): a classic menu (typical Slovenian picnic food), a Bovec culinary experience, and an invigorating soup menu. Please note that the minimum number of people for whom we can prepare a culinary feast by the river Soča is 15.


  • Mixed grilled meat (four varieties of meat),
  • grilled polenta,
  • summer salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, white cheese, onion, spices),
  • extras (ajvar (a condiment made from sweet peppers and oil), mustard, mayonnaise, onions, bread).

Price: EUR 18,00 (per person)


  • Čompe (boiled unpeeled potatoes) and cottage cheese,
  • frtalja (a traditional egg omelette with herbs),
  • a meat platter with locally-produced salami, goats’ and sheep’s cheese,
  • one half of a locally-produced cooked sausage,
  • bread.

Price: EUR 20,00 (per person)


  • Jota (traditional stew with beans, sauerkraut, potatoes, and bacon), or goulash, or minestrone soup, or pasulj (stew with beans),
  • polenta,
  • bread.

Price: EUR 13,00 (per person)


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